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July 19, 2009


well, x yah ckp pon sure sume da tawu en ptg td malaysia lwn man. utd kt bkt jalil.
sgt excited oh nk tgk. tp tgk kt uma jee. xdelaa smangat sgt smpai nk peg stadium.
kami di rumah penyokong MALAYSIA! bising gylee kt umah. hahaa

kepada yg x tgk [ eventhough i think most people tgk kot ]
da result was MAN.UTD 3- MALAYSIA 2.. yes. m.u mng, but its not da point.
da point is, m'sia dpt goal 2 kot?! huhuu. bangga gyle arh amri yahya!
hahahaa. tibe tibe gyle bola kjap.. i heard diorg nk lwn blk dis mnday.
alaaa, m.u x kan x puas hati kot m'sia dpt msuk 2goals. korg da mng en.
hehehee. tape tape. sy still supporter setia m'sia! patriotik sket.
klw lwn lg, msukkan byk lg yee. go m'sia! hahahaa=p

oh yeah. i got another 1 great news!
huhuuu. memang sgt sgt gumbira.
tp, yg tue kte cite later okes? =D


Lady Shukriyah said...

gyle bola. owh sngguh sy bkn! hahahahhaha.