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July 11, 2009

best friend.

last friday, my bestfren, kak as told me. she passed her interview n exams.
which also mean she will be going to further her studies in medic in indonesia.
im soooooo happy for u sis! congrats!=))

honestly, mmg laa im soo soo hepi for her.
but still, da name pon bestfren going en. surelaa sedey.
i always thought. who im gonna text
when im super xcited,
when im stressed out,
when i got great news to be shared.
when i didnt know wut to do,
when i just want to text sumone,
when i need sumone to talk to.

guess i need to learn to be more self independent en sis?
wuteva it is, i've always pray da besh for you.
love u always! gudluck n enjoy ur life there kayh?=))

oldest pic of us i got in my comp.
taken when we are in form2=))

not da newest tp
boley thn new laa jgak.
taken month ago kot?=p


asma said...

err...haaa...xmo la tulis camtu!~isk2...xpe, ym kan ade, fb pun ade..hehe...waa..gamba time f2..kite je ke yg perasan or mmg awk slalu sbela knn kite bela kiri?

haikadove said...

ahahaa.. tue lak die prasan eh.
i think so. mmg byk pic awk sblah kiri pon=p