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July 19, 2009

selamat berangkat~

huhuu.. tajuk mcm ape jee en..
neway, went to my bestfren house ptg td, kak as.
well, klw u guys bace prev post sure tawu knape.

to sis ;
takecare dkat sane taw.
blaja leklok. jgn lupe kte!
jauh ke dkat ke,
i'll always love u sis!=))


Lady Shukriyah said...

kak as da g indon? cpt gle?!

asma said...

ngee..muke sgt gelap kut..hahaa..thanks adek!~
ok je kat sini..sume fine, dmm sket je..
awk take care gak yer..sygg kamu jugak!~

asma said...

ahahah...iya deh..cpt kn?kite pn bengong folo program yg gile cpt ni..