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June 18, 2009

2days activities at kl tower

i had a cnference on last 16th n 17th june at kl tower.. the conference basically talked about forensic accounting, fraud n financial criminology.. 'dgr tjuk mcm waaa cool arh! hahaaa. bdk cat yg peg x ramai sgt pon. just yang adee.. me, alya, hajar, anyz, sally, azhar, megat, adil, hafa, hakim, hani n rasyad.. criusly, the talk was interesting but mayb some speakers use toooo high language, so mcm x paham sgt, jdlaa mengantuk. but some speakers was good! tak membusankan. hahaa. on da 1st day, i went by bus. pkul 6.45 pg arep anta peg uitm sbb bas pkul 7. ksiaan diee. huhuu.. syggggg arep!=D. then dgrlaa org berckp dr pkul 9 tue smpai lunch. around 12.30 kot. tp oke laa, sbb every speakers talked only bout 45 mins, so x rase mcm pnat sgt laaa dgr org same jee berckp. heheee.. we had lunch dkat restoran berputar! hahaa. name die klw sebut mest nk gelak. i dont know why=p.. lpas lunch smbung lg dgr org berckp till 4.30 kot. lpastue da hbs, we had 4hours b4 dinner pkul 8mlm. adoiii.. mmg blur gyle nk bwat ape. lastly, we decide jln2 amek gmba je arh! hahahaaa=p..

dinner supposely start at 8. tp biaselaa tnggu vip en. lmbat sket laa start. huhuu.. since ktorg antara yg awal jgak laa smpai, tade org lg, ape lg. pictures arr dulu! hahahaa.. crius, chantek oh looking at night scenery of kl from the top of the tower! sgt chantek! sukee gyle! heeeee=D

dinner tue oke laa jgak.. adelaa penyanyi sorg nie yg entertain us 4 da whole night. gyle slumber laa die. klw boley, sume org die nk bwk naek stage tue. hahahaa... we went back around 11 jgak laa.. bas da tnggu kt bwh, kelam kabut sume org nk turun. heheee. then arep pick me up kt uitm. mase tue da 11.30 kot. ksian arep skali lg. n sygggg arep skali lg! hahahaa=p

2nd day peg ngan mum. along laa yg drive ofcourse. i think smpai tepat2 jee pkul 9. hahahaa.. terer arh along! sygggg along plak!=p.. the others ikut alya, she drove to kl tower! fuyoooo! hebatlaa alya!=D.. speakers on 2nd day was much much better i guess.. lgpon cite psl fraud en.. mmg bestlaaa nk dgr. hahahaa. after lunch diorg blk, tnggal me, hafa, hani, adil, megat, rasyad n hakim jee.. with others delegate ofcourse=p.. ptg tue forum jee b4 closing ceremony. but da forum larh i wud say da best part of all. hahaa. sbb mcm x bosan arh. lawak jee, gelak jee byk. lgpon its more relax dr sessions yg laen. huhuu.. around 3.30 da hbs daa. pkul 4 along ngan angah amek. g ofis mak dulu, then around 6.30 baru blk umah. waaaa gylee pnat laaa these 2days! but x ksah laa.. valuable experience kan? huhuuuu=D


asma said...

ahah..ok la tu bole lepak free2 je kat situ ;p
jap2..ni angah mane lak ni?

k i w a n said...

jelesnye! x(

haikadove said...

hahaa.. angah tue my kezen lorh=p
k.kiwan ; klw awk adeee mest lg besh! huhuu