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June 25, 2009

mood tiada..

lately im not in mood nk on9. dun know why. td jmpe as die ckp. 'manenye quote perday awk?'. hahaa. tuelaa, faktor mls nk on9 + faktor lptop tade dpn mate + lg faktor nk membaca novel je, habis mission cuti kali nie gagal. hahahaa. today pon mls nk tulis pnjang2. eventhough mcm byk je nk cte. tp sgt mls nk menaip larh. ade tak yg nk offer diri tlg taip? meh sini berbesar hati saye terima. hahahaa.. harini nk smbung quote per day yg terbengkalai tue jee. heee=p

*life is like riding a rollercoster, its scary but enjoyable*

*friends is the one who know you but still love u anyway*