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June 11, 2009

the funs begins!=p

i've finish my last cat paper yesterday! omg. it was sooooo tough! never thought finance paper wud be like dat. but wuteva it is. menda da bwat, kte doa jelaa byk2 dpt pass en=) yg penting skarang kte enjoy! hahaaa.. cuti x lame mane pon. about 3wks je kot.. kjap ajee.. huhuuu..

as usual we went to clbrate our last paper last nite. it was superb! we had sooo much fun. we went to kedai kopi kt tasik tu 4 dnner. urm. cimut's chcken chop sdap gylee! our nasi goreng was so-so laa.. hehehee. then after dat we went to karaoke! huhuu.. besh gylee! mnghilangs stress2 yg adee.. thanx people! specially to k.kiwan, hajar, anyz, uchue n chimut! huhuuu.. eventhough b4 dat mcm piss off gyle wasting 2hours waiting en.. hahaa=p
last but not least. HAPPY HOLIDAYS PALS!=)


k i w a n said...

take not,
2 HOURS ok?
ade org ckp kte x dtg.
tp boleh plak kol azid suroh bgtau kte sume nak jumpe kat bara plak.
bodo x bodo?
thats the difference between educated people and people who think they are educated and tell people they scored 3 pointer above but actually dapat 2 pointer,maybe less than 2.5.
well,the difference are just way tooo obvious :)

a**d said...

ika! npe pic kita blur??!
ni y nak marah gak ni!

afiqawe said...


cuti sakannya dia~....

Doakan kami kt sini ye... ada 2 subjects lagi.

OnG dan Infectious.

Anonymous said...

happy holiday partner.

haikadove said...

azid ; hahaa.. awk bz sgt time tue.
x smpat nk suro posing btol2. hahahaa=p

afiq ; hehee.. okes! bwat btol2 taw taw! kem slm kt k.dayah jgak=D

yUhAyNeEz said...

yes kiwan...
we already take note bout the '2 hour' thing...
hehe :P
rse cm nk karaoke lgi laa...:P