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June 21, 2009

movies, birthday

firstly nk cte psl birthday. tonite, i went to one of my exklasmate time f5 dulu, thesdave pnye bday party. his birthday da lpas, but baru bwat da clebration together with his father. da occasion was held at krtu, tudm. okelaa, da place quite nice. but since he's a non-malay, so almost 98% org org yg dtg tue pon non-muslims laa.. boley kire kot, ktorg brape kerat jee org islam kt situ. huhuu.. at first, shiro bkak pntu nk masuk, we was like, omg segan gile!! tp shiro biaselaa. die redah jee. hahaa.. gud thing having her around. die mmg super slumber!=D.. im glad i went there sbb dpt jmpe my xclassmates! i mish them soooooo much! even yg dtg x ramai pon. just ade noreen, aishah, kavita, nadh, k.as, syaz, shiro, ilyas, n edmund. tp ckuplaa kot lpas rndu. hahahaa.. lg2 da jmpe miss noreen kte tueh. sy mmg gelak smpai skt perut larh. oh yeah, x cmpur lg time dgr nad bercerita. mish those moments time skola dulu!=(

*Make new friends but keep the old, some are silver and others are Gold*
~girls scout motto

oke oke. xmaw bersedey sedey pulak. hahahaa..
sy nk meluahkan rase x puas hati tgk cte smalam! hahaa. nie hakim bace mest gelak.
smalam x hbs2 cte kt die=p. actually it was like dis, i watch this 1 movie kt astro, titled 'chaos'.. the story mainly about a group of police officers trying to solve one case bout bank robbery.. the story line criusly entersting n sgt besh kot! but it was really spoilt by the ending! i wish i cud change the ending! [emo gyle. hahahaa.. ] yelaa, just imagined, ending die, one of the heroes tue actually was da master behind all those crimes! omg. n then sume org igt die da mati n then mati sebgai hero plak tueh! ngeee.. gyle x puas hati! another hero tu plak just figure dat out at last 5mins of the movie. then da duk kt airport yg same, i thought nk bg laa dat guy nmpak en. nie japg bley ckp phone lameeee gyle tp x nmpak pon. cheyh. sbar jelaa.. criusly, klw bley complaint, nk jeee suro director tue tuka sket ending die. x dpt tngkap, nmpak pon jd arh! hahahaa..