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June 20, 2011

peluang jgn dilepaskan :)

bila cuti cuti macam ni, memang menipu lah kalau cakap tak bosan, kalau cakap tak sunyi, kalau cakap tak rasa sikit pun nak balik Malaysia. tapi masa tengah buat 'tumblrwalking' haritu, i saw the quote below. just thought of sharing it here for my readers. because the quote calm me, somehow 'woke-me-up' from things i think i've abandoned, makes me want to have a different life,  makes me think, Allah didnt just let me stayed here for nothing. He sure had a great plan waiting for me, InsyaAllah. I hope i won't let the time wasted. kalau 'chad' sempat berubah on the tenth hour, i wanna make it on the ninth! :))

sumber : http://wordsofsolace.tumblr.com

teringat lagi satu quote orang selalu cakap :

“La tahzan innallaha ma’ana” 

(jangan bersedih, Allah bersama kita)


Fathini said...

ouh ika.sweet giler tumblr punye qoute tuh.:)
terubat hati klu bace time tgh sorg2.

haikadove said...

sweet kan ? tuelaa, terharu masa 1st time jmpa. mcm nk nangis jee~ ;p

YCL said...

like like~
all the best sis, may you makeit on the 9th hour, i.Allah~~

haikadove said...

insyaAllah :D