What i write is a part of me, mylife and my thoughts. It may be different from what u thought I am. But this is me and oh, THANKS for dropping by ;))

June 19, 2011

thankyou bapak :))

dari kecik sampai besar orang selalu ckp, "ika nih rapat dengan bapak dia".
and yes, i miss him a lot like super duper lot when im here.  i used to tell him every single thing i learned, every single thing that happened in my everyday life in uitm when he picked me up from seroja on friday. and i missed doing that. but, i've learned to be a big girl now. though im still 'daddy's little girl' hehee. thankyou soooooo much bapak for all these time. thank you for bearing with my spoilt behaviours. hehee. and thank you sangat sangat sebab hantar ika datang sini. banyak sangat benda ika belajar, banyak sangat benda ika sedar, and i will try to keep on learning, improving myself. , and i really hope i wont dissappoint you. insyaAllah. i'll take good care of myself, Allah ada with me kan ^_^. doakan ika kat sini ye.  iloveyouuuu! always n always. HAPPY FATHER's DAY ;))